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Watch an Intro by the Fetts!
Click on one of the images below to see a special intro for from Daniel Logan, Temuera Morrison or Jeremy Bulloch.
For those of you who don't know, they are the 3 actors that have portrayed a "Fett" in the six
"Star Wars" movies!
Click Jango to See the Rest of the Pictures
  This is My Survivor Audition Tape.
Click to Watch. [6mb]
  Click the Dead Girl to see the Movie That's Filming at my House   This is my Half Hour Drive Home,
Compressed Into About 6 Minutes
  Click for the Star Wars Celebration 3 from Indianapolis slideshow!!! WOOOOOOO!   See Mike Ward get beaten like a dog, by me. Click the picture for the movie. [4mb]
  A's game from April 27th, 2005.
Click for the slideshow.
  Here's a video I produced, shot, edited and created
for Mike Ward, Josh Lagenbach and Matt Smith's band "No Service". Click the picture for the video. [19mb]
      This is a GI Joe PSA I made, in poor taste.
Click for the movie. [2mb]
      This is a project I made while I was at art school. Star Wars Trivia starring Arnold! Click his pic! [30mb]